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 Tuesday, 24 August

 19:30 – 21:30 CEST

Rundfunk fm/Landesmuseum


Regarded as one of the most remarkable 19th-century constructions of its type and an architectural monument of national importance, the Landesmuseum (Swiss National Museum) in Zurich is the perfect blend of the late Middle Ages and the Modern Era architectural features designed by Gustav Gull.

The new building launched in 2016 designed by the Swiss architects' Christ & Gantenbein greatly complements Gustav Gull's building. The neo-Gothic style of the building resembles to a glorious castle with grand exhibition halls, a modern library, and an auditorium, all expressing unity between the collection, exhibition and architecture while giving an insight into the history, culture, and rich tapestry of Switzerland.

Situated in the heart of the city and one of the attractions on the River Limmat, the Landesmuseum is 5 minutes away from the Marriott Hotel. Fortunately, the Rundfunk radio station is hosting a fabulous festival in the outdoors of the Landesmuseum, a paradise for music lovers. The welcome reception will take place in a privatised section of the museum courtyard where participants can admire the architectural masterpiece of the museum.

AIJA welcomes its participants to experience the historical aura of Switzerland while providing the perfect opportunity to connect with one another at the 2021 AIJA Annual Congress.

Dress code: Business Casual

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