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Organised by the Intellectual Property Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (IPTMT) and Healthcare and Life Sciences Commissions

Session #8



 Thursday, 26 August

 16:45 – 18:00 CEST

Millennium Ballroom and online 


Do you remember going to the hospital with your paper medical records, checking your temperature with a manual thermometer, or being able to get a consult with local doctors only? What about the times when e-health meant getting the answer only by fax or e-mail?

 Advancements in technology have changed the way we manage our health and how we interact with healthcare providers. Some of the advancements led to using digital tools to monitor our health, as well as to receiving healthcare services and appointments online. Specialised care delivery facilities are also on the rise, and new tech trends are making healthcare more personalised than ever.  

HealthTech innovation has a significant role across the healthcare sector, including medicines and medical devices. It also brings some IP and data protection related legal issues, for instance safeguarding a patient’s data when systems are used remotely; this involves transfers of a patient’s data, but also open-source usage and AI technology when building the software. Legal questions about IP protection of software innovations using AI or open source need to be addressed. Moreover, there are several regulatory aspects regarding safety, clinical evaluation, and possible threats to the healthcare system when operating in the digital environment.

Join this session held by the AIJA IPTMT and Healthcare Commissions. We’ll discuss the above and the challenges of adapting the legal frameworks to the rapid changes in technology.


Siri Mårtensson Hjälmberg

Advokatfirman Morris AB, Sweden

Moderator & Session Coordinator

Siri specialises within Swedish and international Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, data protection and Corporate Law with particular focus on the industries of Life Science, Automotive, IT and Digitalisation. Siri works mainly with commercial agreements, IT law, data protection (GDPR) and Life Sciences with focus on technology and regulatory issues. Siri works with both Swedish and foreign companies in a variety of industries and to a large extent with technology-intensive companies in development, IT, technology, Automotive and medical device industry. She daily assists clientswith advice on issues relating to data protection and privacy issues,regulatory issues as well as drafting and negotiation ofcommercial agreements. Siri also has experience in dealing with complex contractual issues, disputes, mergers and acquisitions and investment issues within the above-mentioned legal areas and industries. Siri has further experience from working with insolvency related matters, i.a. through her involvement in the administration of the Saab Automobile bankruptcy, one of the largest bankruptcies in Swedish history. Siri has also experience as Legal Counsel in Semcon, an international listed company.

Edvinas Meskys

Ellex Valiunas, Lithuania

Moderator & Session Coordinator

Dr. Edvinas Meškys is an expert with experience in business and regulatory law, including the drafting of various services agreements, preparing law drafts in energy, the bioethics and pharmacy sphere and preparing other legal documents. Edvinas also has long-standing experience in a wide range of complex projects including food, beverages and tobacco, insurance, real estate, advertising and entertainment, IT and other international, EU and domestic trade law as well as competition law spheres. For the past 8 years, he has worked as an external and also internal lawyer at one of the biggest pharma companies in the world – Teva Pharmaceutical. Since 2019 Edvinas is also the President of Lithuanian Young Bar Association. 

Thomas Brunschwiler

IBM Research, Switzerland


Dr. Thomas Brunschwiler is a research staff member at IBM Research – Zurich and drives the mobile-health intervention research with a focus on objective symptom tracking, disease modelling and virtual coaching, supporting quality-of-life of patients at scale. In this context, he explores privacy-preserving and explainable machine learning algorithms for prescriptive and predictive care.

Currently, he is track-chair of the International Conference of Health-Informatics and associate editor of the Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research.

Yannick Klopfenstein

Digital Health IBM, Switzerland


Yannick Klopfenstein is an advisory data scientist in the IBM Digital Health team supporting clients in the healthcare and life sciences industry. He develops user-centric and AI-driven solutions for technology-based diagnostics and therapeutics. His expertise covers the development of software as medical devices, the validation of machine learning models for medical products and analytics for personalized medicine and health.

Benjamin Schärer

IBM, Switzerland


Benjamin Schärer is a senior attorney in the IBM DACH legal department. Based in Zurich, he supports the entire portfolio of IBM from a legal perspective with a special focus on data privacy, where he also counsels the IBM Research lab in Zurich. He is admitted to the Swiss bar, holds a law degree from the University of Fribourg and an LL.M. degree from UCLA school of law. In addition, he is an IAPP certified privacy professional (Europe).

Chantal Bakermans

Penrose Law, Netherlands


Chantal is a senior attorney within the law firm Penrose. She heads the IP/IT and data privacy department and advises clients with IP and data protection issues and commercial contracts in these areas. She also is an IAPP certified privacy professional (Europe).


Siri Mårtensson Hjälmberg

Advokatfirman Morris AB, Sweden

Edvinas Meskys

Ellex Valiunas, Lithuania

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